November 29, 2014
Julie Yuccas


How was your Thanksgiving eating?

IMG_3961The china and crystal is safely nestled back in the china cabinet. The turkey and mashed potato leftovers are easily accessed in the frig. Another lovely Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends—so much to be thankful for!

Now, I’d love to know who gave themselves permission to enjoy simple pleasures this Thanksgiving after reading Give Yourself Permission to Celebrate blog?

Did you accept the challenge to relax and enjoy your food without worrying?

Did you feel comfortable after you ate?

If you stopped eating when you were comfortably full, did you bypass the typical after dinner coma?

Did you feel like you had more energy to socialize this holiday, since your portion of food was a little smaller?

What did you do different this year that made your eating event more enjoyable?

Please share your experience. We’d love to hear your victories!

2 thoughts on “How was your Thanksgiving eating?

  1. Yes I did stop when I was full this year. My little brother did also which was unusual. No food hang over and enough energy to get clean up done. No stress on turkey day. Just gratitude for life. Goal this next week is to make your smoothie recipe!!!

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