April 29, 2016
Julie Yuccas


My Sabbatical for Treatment

My precious friends, I have lots of truth and recipes I still want to share with you. However, for the months of May and June, I am taking a sabbatical from writing to focus on my health. Jesus promised me, “I have taken away your sickness and removed your disease.” Thank you for all your […]

April 15, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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Juicing Segment From: The Truth About Cancer

Last week, I wrote about how you and I are “worth the investment.” I suggested an easy first step is to start juicing or making smoothies. I am thrilled to see the YouTube video “Truth About Cancer – episode #3” promoted significant health improvements with juicing. Rather than read a blog today, may I encourage […]

April 7, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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I Am Worth the Investment

As I sat in my van after my PET Scan, the thought came to me. Julie, will you still eat healthy and keep juicing once you are healed of cancer? I started to cry. If I received the precious gift to be healed of cancer, I would respect and continue to tenderly care for my […]

March 3, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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Feeling Sexy, A Woman’s Allure – Sneak Peek Chapter 43

Women who struggle with their body image too often take those issues into their bedroom. Women naturally want to feel attractive, especially during intimacy. However, our self-conscious inadequacies deter us from physical affection. Think about it, when it comes to intimacy, we open ourselves up to vulnerability. I mean, for the most part we are […]

January 7, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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Freedom With Responsibility – Sneak Peek Chapter 15

With many holiday opportunities to celebrate, I wonder if there are people carrying unnecessary guilt. Feelings of anxiety because one is afraid to eat. Instead of enjoying the company of family, friends, and festive foods—the way life was meant to be. If we look at things with a healthy perspective, we can let go of […]

October 22, 2015
Julie Yuccas


Beauty Comes in Every Size – Sneak Peek Chapter 40

Ladies, when you look at other women, do not be fooled and allow insecurity or intimidation to creep in. As humans, we have a tendency to form initial first impressions with those we meet. Sometimes our own insecurities get in the way and cause us to incorrectly prejudge other women. Whether it is something about […]