February 25, 2015
Julie Yuccas

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Feel Good Experiences vs. “Real” Good Experiences – Sneak Peek Chapter 6

Without a Shadow of a Doubt

My next significant awareness that God spoke to my heart was in 1990. Quietly washing the dinner dishes, I heard a gentle voice in my mind just moments before my husband confessed an infatuation with a co-worker. This same caring voice, who five years earlier promised to protect me because of a silly dream I had, was now whispering a warning to my mind that my husband was going to tell me he liked another woman.

God’s spirit kept me incredibly calm as He spoke to me at the kitchen sink and during my husband’s revelation. I figured if God chose to warn me ahead of time, then He planned to take care of me through this trial. I attended church long enough at this point to realize the enemy of my soul was trying to destroy my marriage and precious family of four.

Two anchoring thoughts held me victorious in my marriage. I saw an image in my mind of a bed and all these check marks carved into the headboard—it was the devil’s headboard. I did not want my marriage to be another divorce victory for the devil to scratch into his headboard! Secondly, the adoration I have for my children, I refused at all costs to share my children with another woman and determined to prevent that from ever happening.

All of a sudden, as if my every breath depended on it, I craved reading my Bible, which I also refer to as my Owner’s Manual. Over and over, I opened up to a scripture that confirmed exactly what I felt or experienced, or gave me the strength or comfort I needed for the moment. I wanted to stay close and listen for the quiet, non-anxious voice that felt like it came from deep inside me to comfort me, guide me, and protect my family. Hard to believe the Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth, cared about this little speck of a girl here on earth, but He certainly proved otherwise!

Since this experience was so new to me, I doubted and questioned some of the things coming to my mind or scenarios that occurred. Is that me or is that God? Repetition and experience nullified my coincidence theory. Importantly, I used discernment  with confirmation by asking myself, “Does this align with God’s character in the New Testament?” This discernment became my plumb line for truth and reality.

Unchanging – Immoveable

When it comes to God, you can only experience so many coincidences and then realize certain things are not a coincidence anymore. God uses many avenues to speak to us, through His Word, through books, other people, movies, music, nature, or gently speaking directly to our heart. Remember to ask yourself to know if it is really from God, does it align with His loving character and what the Bible says?

Still after all these years, no matter how many times I experience these seeming coincidences, I am awe struck because it always feels like a miracle even though it is a regular part of my life. My Owner’s Manual, the Bible, the Living Word of God is real and now a substantiating truth in my life.

When I choose to live by sound, reliable principles, then I truly live a balanced, healthy life mentally, physically, and spiritually. What principles and truths do you live by keeping you healthy and whole? I invite you to also experience the Word of God as a substantiating truth in your life.

May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of life and power that comes from God.

Ephesians 3:19 NLT

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  1. Julie, You have learned the best lessons in life and applied them to your Christian walk which only grows stronger. We all have many ‘tests’ which are passed when we let God help us through the great trials, giving us our testimony of God’s grace and deliverance in our times of need. Keep going, friend!

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