March 24, 2015
Julie Yuccas

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Unlocking the Chains – Destructive Critical Thoughts – Sneak Peek Chapter 2

“What thoughts play in your mind about yourself that drain, condemn, and overwhelm you mentally? Are you tired of carrying the burden of those thoughts? Did you know, your mind is a powerful force with the ability to hold you captive or set you free. You hold the key to unlocking your own prison, but it is a choice only you can make.


Now I admit, thoughts of my shortcomings still try to haunt me. ‘Julie, your legs are fat, look at the cellulite pockmarks, and you have spider veins.’ ‘Your arms are large for a woman.’ ‘Your teeth are crooked.’ ‘You have hair sprouting in places not located on the crown of your head!’ Yikes! Enough already! How much verbal abuse can one woman take? From now on, I choose to not let those thoughts have any authority or waste anymore time in my brain.

The above thoughts and similar thoughts do not benefit me. They are destructive and poisonous! If the thoughts in my mind come in any shape or form to steal, kill, or destroy my peace of mind, or how I view myself, I made the decision to not allow those thoughts to have any more power over me! Negative thoughts still try to taunt my mind, but I immediately choose to not entertain or agree with the negative thoughts. My response to critical thoughts is simply, ‘No!’ If you want peace of mind over how you view yourself, commit to make the same decision to not allow destructive thoughts or comments to influence you.”¹

In the Mind-Body Connection blog, I quoted Dr. Caroline Leaf from her book, Who Switched Off My Brain. She said, “These toxic thoughts, emotions, and attitudes are controllable! And that means your physical and emotional well-being are controllable too.”² Dr. Leaf also wrote, “Science clearly links your thoughts and emotions to your physical and mental well-being. The more you manage your thought life and emotions, the more you learn to listen to and follow your thoughts and direct and deal constructively with them, the more educated, balanced, coherent and life-giving your emotions will become.”³

We have the power to choose whether or not to dwell and hang onto negative, destructive thoughts. For my well-being, I choose to release the negative and focus on the positive. You can too.  This is what I do:  When the nature of my thoughts steal, kill, or destroy my well-being, I have set boundaries for myself and say, “one second rule, now get rid of it.” I apply this rule for myself regarding all self-criticism, and I work even harder to get rid of those thoughts about my health that are contrary to what God promised He is going to do.

Life seems like it should be easier. Some days it feels like too much work. However, when we establish sound principles and live by them, it gives us a firm footing to walk through life’s challenges. Never take for granted how important your thought life is. Your thoughts have the power to keep you strong mentally and physically. The choice is yours.

Wisdom is shown to be right by what results from it.
Matthew 11:19b NLT

 Blessings to your  health!

¹ Finishing the Race: Dieting Obsessions, Self-Criticism, and Insecurity Eat My Dust! Chapter 2

² Who Switched Off My Brain? Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions, Introduction by Dr. Caroline Leaf

³ Who Switched Off My Brain? Controlling Toxic Thoughts and Emotions, page 82 by Dr. Caroline Leaf

One thought on “Unlocking the Chains – Destructive Critical Thoughts – Sneak Peek Chapter 2

  1. thanks Julie the battle starts in the mind. doubt your doubts, doubt your thoughts but trust GOD and crave the mind of Christ


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