April 25, 2015
Julie Yuccas

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I Have to Stop Eating…

If you want to improve the way you eat or the things you eat, here is a helpful hint: Don’t focus on the foods you think you should not eat. Focus on the foods you want to start eating more of—like fruits and vegetables. The more you turn your thoughts towards healthier foods, the less you will obsess about the foods you are trying to avoid.

IMG_0940The more you focus on the foods you don’t want to eat, the more you want to eat them because those foods are on your mind. When I watch episode after episode of Cake Boss or Cupcake Wars, I want cake. Cake is not something I care for and easily say no thank you to when offered. When I watch those shows, my focus is on foods I normally don’t want, but my mind thinks I want to eat them. When I give in to those thoughts, I am always disappointed.

When you eat the foods you are trying to cut back on, and you still hold onto the mindset of I can’t have, I can’t have, I can’t have, this translates into an I’m bad mentality. Choose to free yourself of the I’m bad mentality when it comes to food. As you turn your focus towards foods that nourish and strengthen your body, you will feel better physically and mentally. With this healthier mindset, watch how self-condemnation dissipates and how you naturally gravitate towards better foods.

Give yourself some grace and stop focusing on what you shouldn’t do and focus on what beneficial things you can do. As you retrain your mind to focus on nourishing foods, instead of the foods you say you can’t have, your actions will follow.

IMG_0941Keep up the good work! You got this!

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