June 3, 2015
Julie Yuccas


Smoothie Portions for a Regular Size Blender

A friend of mine asked me for a visual of approximate portions sizes for the produce I put in my smoothies. Here it is.

I make my smoothies in a Vitamix Blender which holds 70 oz or 8 1/2 cups. The ingredients you see on the dinner plate made about 70 oz with the additional homemade apple, carrot, beet, and lime juice I add for nutrients and liquid.

DSCN0778These are the ingredients I am currently using:
– Banana – 1 whole, peeled
– Frozen blueberries – 1/3 cup
– Sweet potato – one mini or 2″ chunk, cut in chunks, peeled
– Pineapple – 1/4 of a whole pineapple, cut in chunks or whole, already peeled in frig
– Kiwi – 1 whole, peeled
– Orange – 1 whole, peeled
– Red cabbage – 1″ wedge
– Kale – 1 large leaf or 2 small
– Avocado – 1/3 to 1/2, scoop out of skin
– Mango – 1/3rd chunk, peeled or scoop out of skin
– Chard – 1 leaf
– Fresh ginger – 1″, peeled
– Dark Cherries, frozen or in glass jar – 1/3 cup

Plus, either in homemade juice or whole: apples, carrots, and beets.

DSCN0802If you do not have a juicer to make homemade juice, please add one apple (remove seeds), approximately 1/4 beet (peeled), and one to two carrots to the above ingredients.

I systematically start from my kitchen counter (banana), to the top shelf of my refrigerator, work my way down to the freezer adding the ingredients to my blender. This helps me not forget any ingredients. I can make a smoothie in 15 to 20 minutes, including peeling time.

DSCN0782All the above ingredients are added to the blender. After doing this a few times measuring is not needed. It is quicker to just eyeball it.

DSCN0786Next, I add a handful of ice and 4 to 6 shakes of cinnamon.

Sometimes I add Enerfood powder, an organic green superfood and/or Chatfield’s Cocoa powder—Non-GMO.

DSCN0789Next, I eyeball and fill about 2/3rds of the blender container with my homemade apple, carrot, beets, and lime juice. You can add any homemade juice, or organic 100% juice, or water for nutrients and desired thickness and consistency.

When you are battling a challenge to your health, it is best to arm yourself with as much artillery in the form of nutrients as you can. That is why I make/juice my apple, carrot, beet, and 2 limes juice once a week, for the week. I can’t eat that much produce in a week, but my body and those I get to share my smoothies with need the nutrients. It is worth the 30 minutes once a week to juice and clean up.

DSCN0793Once the batch of smoothies is made, it will keep in your refrigerator for a total of three days. I make my smoothie the day I am going to drink it, and the extra goes to my husband the next morning.

A friend shared with me how her and her husband conveniently maintain their daily smoothie habit:

– Produce is prepared the night before and placed in the freezer. The next morning, they blend all their ingredients and violá, they have their cold smoothie.

What do you do to make your smoothie habit convenient for you? Please share your helpful hints.

Also, a smaller blender might be better for others; please share what blender you use that you are happy with and why. Thanks!

May the Lord give you wisdom to make smoothies or juicing a part of your health regime. Blessings to your health!

4 thoughts on “Smoothie Portions for a Regular Size Blender

  1. We use the Nutribullet. I prepare them the night before and Ed blends them in the am.They are delicious. We have lost weight and feel great. I suggest it for eeryone.

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    • Thanks for sharing Jo! You and Ed are my examples in the blog! Your team work is a helpful suggestion for others thinking about making smoothies. Continued blessings to your health!


  2. Just letting you know I keep my smoothies on hand whatever I happen to have I use mmm good thanks Julie


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