October 22, 2015
Julie Yuccas


Beauty Comes in Every Size – Sneak Peek Chapter 40

Ladies, when you look at other women, do not be fooled and allow insecurity or intimidation to creep in. As humans, we have a tendency to form initial first impressions with those we meet. Sometimes our own insecurities get in the way and cause us to incorrectly prejudge other women. Whether it is something about their personality, or what they are wearing, or their size and shape. We do not know what her story is and what she is currently experiencing. To prejudge and then compare ourselves to others is not a healthy place for our thoughts to engage in.

Unless you are looking at other women for good ideas for yourself, it is self-defeating to think that because a woman is visually appealing in her outfit she looks like a bikini-clad model underneath her clothing. Go into a woman’s locker room at the gym or workplace, and the reality of nature taking its course is revealed. Thank you Lord for clothing!

We have to stop comparing ourselves to others and be comfortable in our own skin. Then we can enhance whatever we want, however we want, because we want to. Do it for yourself—no one else! Every woman deserves to feel good in her own skin.

We have to shed insecurity and intimidation like a snake’s skin, and walk with a new skin of confidence—beaming from the inside out. Let go of the old habit to look at other women and automatically think that everyone who is thinner, taller, shorter…is better than us.

You Are a Treasured and Valued Woman

Yuccas_Julie 14bw_2_3Your natural attractiveness radiates from within. Your beauty comes from your heart. People can see it. Inner beauty is portrayed through your eyes, and your lips when you smile. When you feel good about yourself, it is reflected by how you posture yourself. When you allow yourself the freedom to accept yourself and feel good inside, the old habit of measuring yourself to others loses its grip.

Make the decision to not compare yourself to others. Maintain your heart’s peace knowing who you are. You are a treasured, valuable woman, God specifically created for Himself. It is my prayer that you will arrive at the place where you are self-assured. Where you are at peace with your unique looks, talents, and purpose. Give yourself permission to wear things that make you feel pretty and feel good about yourself. Represent yourself the way you want people to treat you. You deserve nothing less.

Blessings to your health and your well-being!

2 thoughts on “Beauty Comes in Every Size – Sneak Peek Chapter 40

  1. Julie…you are so inspiring and everything I read from you is very moving! I really need your guidance and insight! Thank you so much!


    • Thank you for writing Liz! I am thankful for the opportunity to share insights that I have learned. I am happy to hear they are making a difference in your life. You are so welcome! Blessings to your well-being!


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