April 22, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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Impact of Our Words – Sneak Peek Chapter 2

The words we speak are important in this healing and life-changing process. What is on your mind always comes out of your mouth as a positive or negative verbal expression. My husband and I attended a class on Sunday mornings for seven years called Biblical Principles of Success. This insightful class taught us if we want success, we have to speak success. When we speak success, our actions gravitate towards successful behaviors. Say that seven times real fast!

The same principle applies in the opposite direction. When we speak failure, we believe failure, thus produce failure. If we continually say, I’m fat, and I will always be fat,” we will not produce anything different. Declaring “I am fat” mentally keeps me overweight and prevents me from keeping the pounds off permanently. It is the same principle as the concept self-fulfilling prophesy. Stop criticizing yourself and start loving yourself with your words.

Julie, you don’t understand. At one point in my life someone basically told me I am not good enough or I am fat. I do understand, because it happened to me. People do not realize the impact of their insensitive words. Arrows of verbal condemnation or criticism have pierced our hearts, causing injury to our minds and emotions.

No matter the source of condemnation, we have the power to choose. You have the right to reject garbage words spoken to you. That does not negate the fact those words hurt, but why would you want to take ownership of words that are destructive to your well-being? You have the power to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Boundaries are a form of protection. Determine in your mind and by the words of your mouth to set positive boundaries that protect and enhance your well-being and generations to follow.

As We Continue to Speak It, We Believe It
Transformation occurs by repeating productive behaviors over and over. If we want different results, we need to change our current situation and thought patterns. Importantly, the words coming out of our mouth should be in line with the positive results we desire. The words “I’m fat,” should never escape our lips again! Out of habit, those words easily slip out of our mouths. Here is the challenge: If negative comments try to escape your lips—stop it mid-sentence. No more trash talk. We must set a positive, productive standard for ourselves in order to beat this weight/food/mind game issue.

Breathe new life into your soul by choosing nurturing and uplifting words. No more negative, critical, and condemning comments! No more crushing the value of your self-worth and spirit. If you feel you are not worthy to say positive things about yourself just yet, please let me say—you are worthy. You are a very important human being. At the very least, please choose to not say anything negative about yourself. It is a step in the right direction.

You can do this! As you speak life into your mind, body and spirit, success is inevitable.


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