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Introducing my new book Finishing the Race: Dieting Obsessions, Self-Criticism, and Insecurity Eat My Dust!

So glad you came to visit! It is a rare find to encounter a woman who hasn’t experienced disliking some part of her body, attempted multiple diets to change that area of dislike, or struggled with some type of insecurity because of it. If you can relate, you have come to the right place.

Women who struggle with insecurities about their body, commonly feel a continuous need to diet and condemn themselves. In a woman-to woman approach, Finishing the Race frees a woman from a self-condemning mentality, and ushers her to lovingly appreciate her body, and take care of herself in a healthy manner. Sensitive experiences such as food obsessions, childhood obesity, birth defects, distorted body image, teenage abortion, infidelity, suicide, and cancer are candidly shared to reassure a woman she is not alone.

Finishing the Race is filled with heartfelt and relatable stories of personal obstacles myself and other women have experienced. As we have gratefully overcome many issues, it is my desire to share these successful principles with you. From my heart to yours, I don’t want to just tell you a story, but I want to give you tools to help you overcome your challenges. Let’s walk this road together and beat silly dieting obsessions. Let’s start appreciating our body, stop criticizing ourselves, and kick insecurity to the curb! It is our body that we have to live with for the rest of our life. Let’s treat ourselves with the love and respect we deserve.

Finishing the Race is coming soon; until then, take a Sneak Peek and welcome to my Home…page.


‘Never judge. The heart of man is so delicate, so complex, only its Maker can know it. Each heart is so different, actuated by different motives, controlled by different circumstances, influenced by different sufferings…Bring each heart to Me, its Maker, and leave it with Me. Secure in the certainty that all that is wrong, I can set right.’ God Calling, May 13

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Just what I needed today. I put my bracelet on.

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  2. What a wonder you are! Grateful the Lord put us together!

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  3. Julie- The website is beautiful. I know you will touch millions. So proud of you and so grateful that you are in the Rockford area. Blessings.

    Laura Padron RN- AeBn Training.

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  4. Julie I am so proud of you. How very interesting. Yes you do look great. I would love to talk about this sometime. Congratulations on your book as well.

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