January 26, 2016
Julie Yuccas


What Thoughts Recur, But You Haven’t Taken Action?

Do you do this too? When I get a thought to start a habit, it takes me a few weeks before I finally do it. Whether it is something I look forward to or something I need to do. I seem to mull it over first. At some point, I finally push procrastination away and take care of myself.

Lately, exercising on my own has been a challenge. I find for myself and so many others, a higher success rate comes with accountability partners or attending a class. God’s Word says, two are better than one.

I am still under the care of Dr. Kimberly Castaneda, Doctor of Naturopathy. I am excited to report, we’ve gained a lot of strides to improve my health. The oncology blood work shows a steady increase in platelets and other numbers heading into the normal range! My red blood cells and oxygen to these cells require a little more work. So, I need to add additional weight-bearing exercises to improve my oxygen and stimulate cell growth.

I live at the top of a small hill. Thoughts recurred to run down my hill and walk back up to stimulate my bones and consume more oxygen. And I thought I’d never have to jog again—Ha!

Please notice, I did not say I had to run a mile or two. My goal was to run down the hill, one block long, and walk back up. Too many times we set our goals too high that we don’t even try.

Single-digit weather didn’t stop me either. Instead I chose to improvise. I jogged on the treadmill for one-minute segments with intervals of weightlifting. Now this seems like no big deal, but I find treadmills painfully boring. I’d rather be outside breathing fresh air.

My goal was simply, one block or one-minute intervals. You know what? I didn’t die! Instead, I felt accomplished and did my body a great service.


The Bible talks about various ways Jesus healed the sick. Some of those people received post-healing instructions. Jesus held them responsible to complete a task after their healing.

I know God is protecting my life and healing my body in ways I may not be aware of. Through this journey, God has taught and is still teaching me how to be a better caretaker of my body. His timing is always impeccable to introduce me to juicing, smoothies, prescribed supplements and teas, holding onto God’s promises, movement, and people involved in my care.

However, there are times when I don’t feel like taking all those supplements. God lovingly reminds me. “Julie, those supplements don’t do you any good sitting on the counter. They work better in your body.” If I ask God to heal my body, and He leads me to do something, I need to do it. I don’t need to be legalistic, but I need to be consistent.

What habits keep resurfacing in your mind that you want to start? Is that task reasonable in expectation? Can you adjust that task to a smaller increment and increase when appropriate?

Every step you take towards bettering your health is an investment into you, your quality of life, and don’t forget—the lives of those you love. As January comes to a close, what new habit are you going to start this February? May God give you the courage to take that first step.

Every day is a clean slate.

Blessings to your health!

2 thoughts on “What Thoughts Recur, But You Haven’t Taken Action?

  1. Julie you are a Warrior!!


  2. thank you Julie you and God know how to get my attention when I need to hear it. I will exercise more intentionally


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