February 26, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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Small Steps to Cultivate Your Soil For Success

What is the condition of your soil? Do the seeds of truth I speak land on good soil or dry soil? Do my words seem like niceties and fall away by the end of the week, or do you cultivate them with expectation of a harvest in your life?

As you continue to feed your mind with truth, this strengthens your belief system. Strong belief systems, help maintain a sound mind and success.

Here are some helpful hints to keep your soil rich with nutrients, so those seeds of truth flourish in your life:

Thoughts of, “I wish I was stronger in my faith,” is a start. With easy access through smart phones and the internet, it is easy to enrich your soil further with sound teachings via podcast. These are three that I listen to weekly to enrich my faith, Mosaic.org Los Angeles, CA, iBethel.org Redding, CA, and JosephPrince.org

Thoughts of, “I should start making smoothies,” is a start. Check out my, Quick and Easy Bursting with Nourishment Smoothie, or Winter Blend Smoothie blogs to get the recipes and suggestions for your grocery list.

Thoughts of, “I should eat better,” is a start. Sit down this week and look up one or two recipes that you can add at least two vegetables per recipe. Then write yourself a grocery list. This prepares you to cook two healthy meals, plus leftovers, for next week. Don’t be afraid to create more ways to eat vegetables.

When your mindset is focused on, ” How can I eat healthier?” Look at your next meal, one meal at a time, and ask yourself, how can I improve this meal with an extra fruit or vegetable? Don’t try to figure it all out for a week, month, or for life. Start with one meal at a time. Focus on feeding your body high-quality fuel.

When you take life in little bites, this gives you more opportunities for success. It reinforces your “I can do this!” ability. As you continue to cultivate the soil of your mind, body, and spirit, your belief system strengthens. Again, strong belief systems, help maintain a sound mind and success.

Take ownership of them and incorporate them into your life. Don’t allow doubt and impatience to rob you of good health. These are nutrients and practices that keep your soil rich.

Blessings to your mind, body, and spirit!

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