March 3, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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Feeling Sexy, A Woman’s Allure – Sneak Peek Chapter 43

Women who struggle with their body image too often take those issues into their bedroom. Women naturally want to feel attractive, especially during intimacy. However, our self-conscious inadequacies deter us from physical affection. Think about it, when it comes to intimacy, we open ourselves up to vulnerability. I mean, for the most part we are full blown naked! If we focus on our imperfections, we squelch the true sexual creatures that we are and hinder the gift of intimacy.

Don’t Let Self-Sabotaging Thoughts Get in the Way

Let’s go back to an important principle: Take control of your thoughts. It is natural to want to be attractive. Do not gauge your attractiveness and desirability based on what the scale says or to the digitally-enhanced beauty queens. Stop wrestling with fictitious images of women, illusions vs. reality. When we focus on feeling like we weigh too much or feel big, we allow those thoughts to create inhibition.

Conquer the Mind Games

Little enhancements, such as lighting or strategic lingerie, can be used during intimate times giving you more confidence. Your husband will never know you are doing it to make yourself feel better. He thinks it is for him. Enhancing your sexuality lessens the focus on physical insecurities, and frees you to enjoy the gift of intimacy God created for you and your husband.

“Kiss me again and again, for your love is sweeter than wine. How fragrant your cologne…Bring me into your bedroom, O my king.”  Song of Solomon 1:2, 4b NLT

That’s in the Bible! A whole book in the Bible is descriptively devoted to letting us know attraction, courtship, marriage, and intimacy is natural and a blessing.

Do not forget our mind is a powerful tool. We have the power to readjust our thinking to benefit our marriage, not divide it. We think our men are looking at us under a microscope, when in reality they are looking for the prize. And yes, there are men out there that think if they point out areas for improvement, their comments will motivate us to make changes. I wish they knew their comments make things worse for us, and for them. Keep it to yourself men, and compliment our strengths. Giving a woman tender compliments transforms her into a loving, sexual creature.

Never let bodily insecurity in your bedroom.


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