April 7, 2016
Julie Yuccas

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I Am Worth the Investment

As I sat in my van after my PET Scan, the thought came to me. Julie, will you still eat healthy and keep juicing once you are healed of cancer? I started to cry. If I received the precious gift to be healed of cancer, I would respect and continue to tenderly care for my new healthy body. I am worth the investment.

Looking from a mom’s perspective, we nurture and tend to every need of our infant when they are born—even for years to come. We respect the gift of life, our little ones, and take care of them to the best of our ability. We only want the best for them. They are worth the investment.

We have to look at ourselves with the same love, respect, and care. You are worth the investment.

“Too many people experience unnecessary physical ailments, which could be avoided with intentional dietary and lifestyle habits. Every stage and every age of life need nutritious foods. From a cancer patient point of view, it is easier to eat a healthy balanced diet, than repair the damage from cancer.

I was taken aback by a passenger’s comment at one of my departure flights from LAX. It was so busy they rerouted many of us to pass through security in another area. A woman who looked to be five or six months pregnant, I’m sure eager to reach her destination, said in reference to having to walk through x-ray, ‘We’re all going to get cancer anyways!’

Yikes! Only six months into my own cancer diagnosis, I thought, woman you do not know what you are saying! I never want to hear the devastating words, ‘Your child has cancer.’ Nor do I wish anyone to experience the anguish of telling your children you have cancer. The state of our health should never be taken flippantly. We are the ones that have to live in our body for the rest of our life. We deserve to finish strong and healthy in this race we call life.” (Excerpt from Chapter 26, Vitamins and Minerals: The Invisible Heroes)

Do Not Be Fooled

I hate drug commercials. I appreciate the reveal, however, the long list of possible side effects so casually spoken amongst nice pictures—humph! “Possible side effects may include lymphoma or other cancers.” Cancer is not a casual side effect. Do the drug companies want us to ignorantly think so?

Don’t be fooled and think disease or cancer is a pleasant walk in the park. Disease costs you wasted hours thinking about symptoms, test results, treatment, rehashing what the doctor said, and playing worse scenarios.

Disease costs you hard earned money. Including, those who so graciously give gifts to relieve some of the financial burden. Disease costs you money for treatment, drugs, and getting well.

Disease costs you time, a big waste of precious time, running to doctors visits, tests, and treatments.

Disease steals from your family and friends, as they worry on your behalf or the time they lovingly sacrifice to go to appointments with you.

Disease and cancer suck!

You and I are worth the investment!

On a positive note, the investment to stay healthy costs you less money and precious time. Plus, no head games to contend with, which equals peace of mind.

I recommend, love on yourself. As you love yourself, this spills over into indirectly loving your family and friends.

May I suggest taking the easiest first step? Make fruit and vegetable smoothies or juicing. It is the best investment for your body. You can pack so many life-giving nutrients into one glass. It is quick and convenient.

Ask God for wisdom and strength. If a positive thought keeps returning to your mind and gives you peace, trust it is God leading you. You have the strength to do this. You are worth the investment. Tell yourself, “I am worth the investment.”


Blessings to your health and your family!

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